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Presale For SAN Origin Holders Starts

Dec 29th

Public Auction Starts

Apr 20th

The SAN W三AR is the first of its kind, featuring innovative technology and social-focused
features for an immersive listening experience alongside exceptional sound quality.
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Working alongside the former director of product at Beats by Dre and Monster Products, we have engineered the next generation of in-ear monitors (IEMs). Beyond integrating best-in-class and proprietary audio drivers, these IEMs will be accompanied by social-focused technology to create a more immersive artist-fan relationship.
In collaboration with One of None, preorders for SAN W三AR begin December 29th (U.S. Time). Only SAN Origin NFT holders will be told the official presale start time — via Discord — and only 100 presale slots will be available.

Preorder one of three Limited Edition REDVOXX colorways at random.
From $299 (29% OFF MSRP)

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SAN W三AR is designed to be a canvas for art. As more independent musicians join SAN Sound, our upcoming music discovery platform, they will have the opportunity to release limited and customized editions of SAN W三AR. Reserve a first edition REDVOXX collection, curated by IMCMPLX, today.

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Experience Music Together.

Experience music in new ways and in person with our innovative Web3 connectivity. Immerse yourself in an augmented music environment at home or through our worldwide community. Connect, share, and immerse yourself in the experience, whether you’re at a concert or streaming at home.

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Drive Sound Forward.

Experience exceptional sound quality and clarity with our advanced audio drivers. Proprietary technology creates a truly immersive listening experience, enhancing your music experience. Elevate your audio experience with SAN W三AR.

So, What's All The Noise About?

A Wireless Connection.

Wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.2 for stable, seamless connection to your devices. Enjoy untethered music and calls

Jam packed with energy.

The charging case extends listening time to 33 hours. Compatible with USB Type C for uniform power.

Safe, Rain or shine.

Nothing should stand in the way of enjoying your music. With a water resistant design, you keep your vibe going no matter the weather.

Finally, Peace and quiet.

Block out distractions with advanced ENC and high-quality microphones for uninterrupted listening and clear communication.

Those who soulbind to preorder their SAN W三AR will be able to chose their colorway. Those who preorder on will receive one of three IMCMPLX-curated colorways at random.

More colorways to be announced. Stay in the know on Discord, Twitter, or Instagram.
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