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Designed to empower independent musicians and their fans to revolutionize music and revenue.
Join us and let's make some incredible music together.

SAN Sound Is Dedicated To Promoting Creative Integrity

We think it's time to break free from the outdated idea that commercial success means selling out. With SAN, artists can stay true to their vision and fans can help them thrive.


Our platform offers support for independent musicians to profit, build their brand, and access fan analytics in an industry dominated by signed musicians.


Our platform offers solutions for fans to support new musicians and benefit from their success, without their personal data being sold without their knowledge or benefit.


Decentralized Identities offer unrivaled user security, Zero Knowledge Proof ensures your user privacy, and our Listen-to-Earn model ensures fair voting and opportunities for all users.

Join The Music Revolution

Together, we can create a new industry that puts artists first, while fans benefit.

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