Getting Started

Before We Get Started

Here are two definitions that will be important to understand.

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SAN NFTs are a unique digital asset that identify community members and provide access to the SAN ecosystem.


An upgradable one-time subscription that turns a SAN NFT into a non-transferable key, unlocking The Soundscape and connecting the NFT owner to their physical SANWEAR.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before purchasing.

Enter the Soundscape

It only takes 3 steps.


Purchase a SAN NFT

In The Soundscape there is something for everyone.

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Soulbind Your SAN NFT

Access your Hyper Reality Audio SANWEAR, physical and virtual music experiences, and expertly crafted SAN apparel.


Make the Most of The Soundscape

Download The Soundscape Mobile App on iOS or Android.

Join The Community

To learn more about SAN, we invite you to join our lively community of music lovers on Discord.

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