SANWEAR blends Hyper Reality Audio, blockchain, and other interactive technologies to forge a connection between the emerging social domain and the conventional music and audio industries.

Legendary - Inside & Out.

SANWEAR was masterminded by renowned DJ, Kaku, and engineered by the former founding engineer, “Golden Ear,” and global head of product development at Beats by Dre and Monster Products, David Leung. Designed by artist, IMCMPLX.

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Note From The Creator

"Our approach to audio engineering is holistic and hands-on. We design and build everything from scratch, ensuring full control over mechanical design, electronics, industrial and ergonomic design, manufacturing, and sourcing. This comprehensive approach allows us to create Hyper Reality Audio products with exceptional comfort, ergonomics, and usability. Other brands often focus on features and price points, but we strive to create an emotional experience that connects listeners and artists through music. By leveraging Web3 technology, we build a community and brand centered around the interactive aspects of audio, fostering emotion and passion."

- David Leung, Head of Hardware & Chief of Product Technology

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Sounds So Real, It's Surreal

Hyper Reality Audio is a cutting-edge technology that transports real world audio to any location worldwide, expanding the horizons of music and audio beyond physical boundaries. You are no longer limited to experiencing sound in a confined space, but can enjoy an authentic real-world audio experience anywhere on the globe. Every beat, note, and sound resonates with astonishing realism and unrivaled clarity. Hyper Reality Audio goes beyond mere immersion – You will live that moment.

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It took 18 years, countless experiments, and thousands of iterations to create the sound engines that power SANWEAR.

The design and audio expertise of our teams, our desire to innovate, and our creative approach to advanced electronics and mechanics express themselves in audio engines that produce hyper reality. By harnessing the latest technological processes, utilizing the most accurate designs, and employing cutting-edge materials, we succeed in crafting SANWEAR. We are a balanced blend of technologists, artists, and creators. Delve into the team behind our groundbreaking technology and explore what distinguishes us from the rest.

Tech Specs


Wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.2 for stable, seamless connection to your devices. Enjoy untethered music and calls.


The charging case extends listening time to 33 hours. Compatible with USB Type C for uniform power.


Nothing should stand in the way of enjoying your music. With a water resistant design, you keep your vibe going no matter the weather.


Block out distractions with advanced ENC and high-quality microphones for uninterrupted listening and clear communication.

Adjustable EQ

Use The Soundscape mobile app to personalize bass, treble, and mid-tones.

Privacy NFC

With Zero Knowledge Privacy, SANWEAR’s NFC tags will be tamperproof and any data coming in or out will be provably encrypted.

Touch Controls

Soundscape App

Direct Connect

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